• Euphorbia esculenta
  • Euphorbia esculenta

Euphorbia esculenta

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This medusoid grows chunky snake-like branches and forms very handsome clumps. These grow in South Africa.


Although similar to cacti, Euphorbia love a fast draining mix that is high in minerals. However, they do enjoy more water than their convergently evolved brethren. They can be acclimated to full sun but will thrive under partial shade (our greenhouse has 50% shade). Avoid freezes and water less often in the winter.

Pot Info

Long Neck Barrel Pot

This bottom heavy barrel pot has an incidental ombre. The tone, which is slightly darker on the bottom than it is on the top, is a happy accident that can’t be replicated reliably. The bottom of the pot is also slightly more reflective than the top. The form and weight are satisfying. This pot is in our top five.

handmade (please expect irregularities)
high fired stoneware
drainage hole in the bottom