• Stenocactus ssp
  • Stenocactus ssp

Stenocactus ssp

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Commonly referred to as the “brain cactus”, stenocacti are known for numerous wavy ribs.  One of the easiest cacti to grow, they’ll produce white and pink flowers in the Spring.


Like most xerophytes from Mexico, this barrel cactus grows best in a high-mineral mix and requires infrequent watering.
This plant thrives in light shade although it can be acclimated to full sun. 
Overwatering can cause the plant to split or rot!

Pot Info

Splattered Simple Pot

The basic form of this red clay body is splotched with a rich, inky, jet black glaze. It’s a little showy, and it needed to be paired with a strong personality, and this Stenocactus has taken on the job with aplomb.

handmade (please expect irregularities)
high fired stoneware
drainage hole in the bottom