• Ariocarpus retusus cv. Maruibo
  • Ariocarpus retusus cv. Maruibo

Ariocarpus retusus cv. Maruibo

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Ariocarpus are desert plants that grow mostly in Mexico.  These geophytes are commonly called “living rocks” due to their ability to mimic the surrounding geology and blend in.

This Japanese cultivar of Ariocarpus retusus is known for short, fat, and nearly round tubercles.  As the plant matures it will look more and more spherical. 

Plant Care

Like most xerophytes from Mexico, this cultivar grows best in a high-mineral mix and requires infrequent watering.

This plant thrives in light shade although it can be acclimated to full sun. 

Overwatering can cause the plant to split or rot! These go dormant in the winter months and will bloom just before.  You can water lightly once a month during the winter.

Pot Info

Modified Pyramid Pot

The beauty of high fire ceramics is on display with this pot. The rich reds and very slight reflectiveness result from reduced oxygen levels in the firing. In the absence of oxygen within the kiln, oxygen is pulled from the clay body, which gives metals in the clay room to shine.

handmade (please expect irregularities)
high fired stoneware
drainage hole in the bottom