• Avonia quinaria
  • Avonia quinaria
  • Avonia quinaria
  • Avonia quinaria

Avonia quinaria

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Avonia quinaria is a dwarf caudiciform from Namibia and South Africa. It features a beautifully corked base that will expand with time.  Pale-green tuberous stems protrude from the caudex at the top.  Blooms in the spring—be ready because the blooms open at the end of the day and only for an hour or two!


Avonia quinaria does well in strong light but will need acclimate to full sun. Protect from freezes by either covering or bringing inside. Water through spring and summer but it is best to leave it mostly dry through winter to avoid rot.

Pot Info
Saucer Pot

A low wide body gives this pot two striking silhouettes, one from overhead and one from the side. The raw high fired clay peeks out beneath a glossy white overcoat, adding a layer of visual complexity.

 handmade (please expect irregularities)
 high fired stoneware
 drainage hole in the bottom