• Euphorbia polygona "wundulate"
  • Euphorbia polygona "wundulate"

Euphorbia polygona "wundulate"

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Euphorbia polygona is a distinctive succulent with a columnar, cactus-like appearance. It features multiple ridged stems that resemble a cluster of slender columns, typically green in color with occasional reddish markings. This low-maintenance plant thrives in well-draining soil and requires ample sunlight to flourish.


Although similar to cacti, Euphorbia love a fast draining mix that is high in minerals. However, they do enjoy more water than their convergently evolved brethren. They can be acclimated to full sun but will thrive under partial shade (our greenhouse has 50% shade). Avoid freezes and water less often in the winter.

Photographed in a 3.5” pot