• Ferocactus chrysacanthus
  • Ferocactus chrysacanthus

Ferocactus chrysacanthus

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Like most xerophytes from Mexico, this barrel cactus grows best in a high-mineral mix and requires infrequent watering.
This plant thrives in light shade although it can be acclimated to full sun. 
Overwatering can cause the plant to split or rot!

Pot Info

Angled Saucer Pot

This is a great shape for a spacecraft, right? This pot has the same beautiful reduction-fired depth of surface that is evident on several other pots from this collection. (See Plant Name in the Modified Pyramid Pot, Plant Name in the Notched Simple Pot, and Plant Name in the Simple Pot.)

handmade (please expect irregularities)
high fired stoneware
drainage hole in the bottom